Press Release – HGPC Letter to the Management Company Stakeholders

Hunts Grove Parish Council’s petition to abolish the Management Company and service charges is gathering momentum and has today surpassed 300 signatures from residents!

Today we are publishing the letter we sent to the legal stakeholders, Crest Nicholson, Colethrop Farm Ltd, and Stroud District Council, following the meeting hosted by Siobhan Baillie MP on December 21st, 2021.

See the PDF linked here for the letter.

The letter formally confirms that HGPC wishes to enter into negotiations to take over the rights and responsibilities of the Hunts Grove Management Company Limited. The current situation is untenable, costly, and fragmented as we have outlined in our petition and campaign.

One month later, we have received an acknowledgment of our letter, but still no idea of Crest’s response or progress on discussions.

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HGPC Letter Page 1
HGPC Letter Page 2