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Explanatory notes:

Funds were held by Hardwicke Parish Council on behalf of Hunts Grove Parish Council whilst the council arranged for a bank account to be opened, this was actioned in August 2021.  All local councils are audited annually; however due to the unique situation of the newly-formed council for Hunts Grove and the delay in setting up a bank account, the advice was that the Hunts Grove PC would be audited with Hardwicke PC's accounts.  However, the National Audit Office confirmed in August 2021 that Hunts Grove Parish Council needed to submit separate accounts for audit.


4.  Notice for exercise of public rights for Hunts Grove Parish Council was included with the Hardwicke Parish Council accounts as the council was holding all funds on behalf of Hunts Grove Parish Council.  External Auditor advised that Hunts Grove Parish Council was required to display its own notice for exercise of public rights; this has been actioned.

6.  External Auditor advises that the appropriate response is “no” due to the lack of internal audit carried out specifically on Hunts Grove Parish Council.  Hunts Grove Parish Council accounts were included with Hardwicke Parish Council accounts as the council was holding all funds on behalf of Hunts Grove Parish Council.

7.  2020-21 is the first year of Hunts Grove Parish Council, there are no previous internal or external audit matters to action.

Community Infrastructure Levy Report 2020-21

Budget 2022-23

The Parish Council has set its budget for 2022-23 at £53,000. As a new council, the precept we charge may vary considerably in the first few years due to the fact that Hunts Grove is rapidly growing and the Parish Council is taking on more responsibilities. For the 2022-23 budget year, we expect to be taking over responsibility for Phase 1 maintenance and have made some provision for this with the start of a maintenance reserve fund.

Phase 1, if adopted, will be transferred with a sum of money from the developer (Commuted Sum) of approx. £200-300k that is being negotiated at this time. Another major factor for the 2022-23 budget year is our campaign to abolish the management company for which we need to make provision for legal advice and guidance, therefore we have also established a legal fund in the budget.

If we are successful in our aims to take over the responsibility of all maintenance at Hunts Grove, then the expectation is that the budget will increase substantially over the coming years, meaning the cost per property (Parish Precept) will also increase substantially. Our estimation is that the Parish Precept per Band 'D' property will end up around £100 - £120 once Hunts Grove is complete and if all maintenance of open spaces and facilities is transferred to the Parish Council.

Whilst that is potentially more than double the amount for 2022-23 of £56.71, such a position will also mean that Service Charges of currently £200 per annum to the Management Company can be abolished, offering a considerable saving we hope.

The aim of this Parish Council is that we end up in a position where all residents pay the same, have equal access to village facilities, and are paying substantially less than the management company alternative. Meanwhile, maintenance will be controlled locally, on a not-for-profit basis, with direct control by the residents.

If we are unsuccessful in our bid to abolish the management company, our commitment to residents is that the Parish budget will be reduced substantially in future years.

For comparison, it may be helpful to note that the precept that Parishes charge across Stroud District varies widely depending on their responsibilities. In 2021/22 the lowest charge is Hillesley & Tresham, with a charge of £15.07 Parish precept per year. The highest charge per Band D dwelling is Dursley, with a charge of £207.22 Parish precept per year.

This infographic below illustrates the 2022-23 Parish Council budget: