October Village Maintenance report is now out. Click here to access and also read more about the Parish Council vision regarding long-term maintenance of the village.

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Village Christmas Trees

It’s that time of year again and Christmas is on the way! Lights and decorations are going up all over Hunts Grove – let’s make it the best year ever! Our village Christmas trees are also on their way and Santa’s helpers will be installing them between the 6th and 8th December thanks to Preim… Continue reading Village Christmas Trees

No Access To Haresfield through Hunts Grove

Our residents along the B4008 Bath Road are getting very frustrated with drivers lost trying to get to Haresfield! Signs around Crosskeys Roundabout are still sending drivers down the B4008 towards Haresfield Lane, even though the road is closed and you will never be able to get to Haresfield again via this route due to… Continue reading No Access To Haresfield through Hunts Grove

Download Your New Collections Calendar

Stroud District Council is responsible for refuse, recycling, and garden waste collections at Hunts Grove. Phase 1 collection day is Tuesday and Phase 2 and 3 is Friday. Which phase are you on? Check out this blog post for a map and street list. Phase 1 Collection Date Calendar 2021-2022 (PDF) Phase 2 & 3… Continue reading Download Your New Collections Calendar