Which Phase Is My Property On?

Council documentation and discussions often refer to different areas of the village in terms of the development phase, i.e. Phase 1, Phase 2 etc.

Residents sometimes wonder which phase of the development their property is located in, so here is a street list that we will keep updated.

Our blog post here also includes a map.

Phase 1 Streets: Hunts Grove

Developers: Crest Nicholson, David Wilson Homes

Construction: 2010-2014

  • Acorn Way
  • Colethrop Way
  • Hawthorn Close
  • Hunters Way
  • Hunts Grove Drive (Part)
  • Lime Tree Avenue
  • Oak View
  • Shorn Brook Close
  • Whitstone Rise
  • Willow Edge

Phase 2 Streets: Hunts Grove

Developers: Crest Nicholson, David Wilson Homes, Bellway Homes

Construction: 2017-2021

  • Boloria Close
  • Brambling Way
  • Cranes Bill Mead
  • Crossbill Close
  • Goosefoot Lane
  • Greenfinch Close
  • Harrier Way (Part)
  • Knotgrass Way
  • Lutra Close
  • Nightingale Close
  • Nuthatch Lane
  • Pine Marten Close
  • Pipit Close
  • Red Kite Rise
  • Redshank Way
  • Sheldrake Lane
  • Siskin Way
  • Sowthistle Drive
  • Tawny Close
  • Warbler Close

Phase 3 Streets: Hunts Grove

Developers: Bovis Homes, Linden Homes

Construction: 2019-2023 (Estimate)

  • Carbonel Close
  • Farley Way (Part)
  • Harrier Way (Part)
  • Hoskareslo Close
  • Hunts Grove Drive (Part)
  • Niblett Close
  • Rudge Close
  • Sabrina Close (Coming Soon)
  • Velthouse Close (Coming Soon)
  • Wheatenhurst Way (Coming Soon)

Phase 4 Streets: Hunts Grove (Coming Soon)

Developers: Crest Nicholson, Bellway Homes

Construction: 2024 - 2027 (Estimate)

  • Blackthorn Way (Coming Soon)
  • Chamberlayne Way (Coming Soon)
  • Coole Lane (Coming Soon)
  • Farley Way (Part) (Coming Soon)
  • Godsell Lane (Coming Soon)
  • Humphrey Cook Way (Coming Soon)
  • Lewis Lane (Coming Soon)
  • Rowan Way (Coming Soon)
  • Spindle Way (Coming Soon)
  • Theyer Close (Coming Soon)
  • Woodhouse Way (Coming Soon)


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