A38 Hunts Grove Junction

Note: Click on the A38 plans page on the right menu to see the final junction design, landscape management plans and an explanation document for how the new junction and routing will work.

Update: May 2023

It is fair to say that construction dates for the new Hunts Grove junction to the A38 have come and gone many times over the last five years and more. The works have been significantly delayed for many reasons, and in fact, the current access to the village via Waterwells Drive was only supposed to be for one year back in 2010! Some of these delays are undoubtedly due to the developer not wanting to spend the significant construction costs, however, it is also fair to say that there are other delays for other reasons outside of the developers' control, for example, a re-design process to accommodate the additional homes that will be on Hunts Grove Extension (Land South of Haresfield Lane), and more recently testing of the Hardwicke overbridge structure to ensure it can safely handle two-way traffic.

The Parish Council still awaits a construction plan from Crest Nicholson, however, we have received perhaps the strongest indication that works will actually be starting this year in the form of a notification from Gloucestershire Highways of the legal traffic orders that will enable road closures and restrictions during construction. This is copied below for your reference:

Schedule and plan for details of temporary traffic orders for the construction of a new junction at A38 and B4008 Hardwicke.

This is major works and will take place from 14th August 2023 through to 26th September 2024. Dates for the overnight closures of the A38 Southern Connector will be confirmed at a later date. No emergency or pedestrian access will be available through the closure of the B4008 due to the reconstruction of the carriageway and footways.



Update: February 2023

The Parish Council understands from Crest Nicholson that works are due to commence on the construction of the Hunts Grove junction to the A38. These works will be substantial and expected to take approximately one year to complete. We have requested and await a construction plan from Crest Nicholson in order for us to understand the impact on our residents on Bath Road / B4008, plus the impact on construction traffic accessing the site as the current access point is at the new junction location.




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