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Hunts Grove Wombles are back!

19th July 2021 - News just in from Hunts Grove Wombles and Cllr. Sandra Meecham

We are regenerating the Wombles initiative. Our aim is to keep our neighbourhood clean for people and wildlife by organising regular clean-up walks for all.

We are looking for volunteers to assist in litter picking in and around our Hunts Grove Village.  Let’s make a difference!
We are hoping to get enough volunteers to split into two teams so that we can have one team out litter picking for an hour or two every other Saturday morning.  This would mean just one Saturday a month, if available, for each member.
Please join our group so that you get notifications.

Stroud District council will supply collection bags and will collect the rubbish.

If you have some time available and would like to be involved, please get in contact, either via the Hunts Grove Wombles or Hunts Grove Parish Council Facebook pages or contacting Sandra Meecham direct on 07506 897281

Hunts Grove Wombles


Phase 2 - Major Area of Public Open Space (POS)

Plans for the largest area of public open space to be provided at Hunts Grove were submitted to the planning authority in September 2017 and approved in January 2018. Just prior to the planning application, Crest Nicholson held a public exhibition of the plans in August 2017.

Since plans were approved, the project has been delayed due to a number of factors, for example, major earthworks across the area to increase the height of the noise bund adjacent to the M5, and in the past year the Covid-19 pandemic. The parish council is in close contact with Crest Nicholson to secure the delivery of this important asset to the community and we have been assured that works will be commencing shortly with groundworks and hard landscaping, planting over winter, and final works over spring and summer 2022. It is likely that the area will be completed and closed off for a period of time for settling in. Naturally, as works progress, we will keep residents informed of the project timelines.

As any resident that has walked the land between Phase Two homes, the motorway, and railway will know, the area is huge. As such, the completed POS will host many different features from activity and play areas, a 1km fitness trail, meadows, play trails, and social spaces.

The Parish Council has a lot of detailed plans available for each of the POS areas. Below we have provided the materials shown at the August 2017 exhibition. Do contact us via our Facebook page or email if you should have any questions.

For the full range of detailed plans, please see our Public Open Spaces page here.

Plans may also be viewed at the Stroud District Council planning pages.



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