Parks and green spaces

In Hunts Grove we are fortunate to have a range of parks and green spaces, with more to come as more of the village is built. For more information on play areas see this page.

Map of Hunts Grove with names

Here is a short description of each of these areas.

The Acorn

Located at the entrance to the village, The Acorn is centred on a hill topped with the acorn sculpture. This is surrounded by planting and a grassed area that houses the Acorn Edge play area.

Hunts Grove Rise

A huge (over 19 acres) open area stretching along a hill top that offer fantastic views of Robinswood Hill, the edge of the Cotswolds including Haresfield Beacon, and across the village to the Severn and the Forest of Dean beyond. Hunts Grove Rise overlooks the large Hillview Park containing a range of play equipment, and incorporates two other play areas in the The Circle and The Cube.

Brambling Green and Sowthistle Green

Together the Greens offer paths through 600 metres of grass and trees, incorporating the two play areas: Playhut Park and Rainbow Pagoda Park.

Images of Brambling Green and Sowthistle Green

The Patches

The Patches straddle the Shorn Brook right at the heart of the village with woods, pond and grass. Historic tithe maps and records from the 1830/40s show that this area used to be called Walkes’ Patches and residents have chosen to honour this history. The Spinney play area abuts The Patches.

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