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September 20, 2021

Enough is enough Crest Nicholson

Hunts Grove Parish Council (HGPC) is disappointed that it is forced to publically state its frustration with the lack of action by the master developer at Hunts Grove, Crest Nicholson. The press release linked above, along with our survey reports illustrate the situation in full.

Over the last four years, councillors (through the times of HGRA, Hardwicke Parish, and now Hunts Grove Parish) have had a very good engagement with Crest to resolve matters on site and residents' concerns. This has changed in the last year. Covid has had some part to play in this story, however, we feel the site has been abandoned from a management perspective since Crest Nicholson Strategic Projects was closed down and responsibilities moved to the regional office Crest Nicholson (South West).

The Parish Council took a couple of actions this week. (1) a full survey of the village. This is a 19-page report illustrating major issues that need addressing for residents. We will publish this report and a report every month on our website until such time as the issues are resolved, (2) We have initiated a review of the management strategy such that other options can be explored. Most residents are paying three times and receiving no services, yet paying service charge admin fees, council tax, and through the purchase of their homes - this is not a sustainable position.

Crest Nicholson is the master developer for Hunts Grove and has responsibility for the site. Crest Nicholson, the Parish Council HAS LOST TRUST in your ability to respond to these issues. Other developers also play a part in the ongoing issues, for example, David Wilson Homes, Bovis Homes, Bellway Homes.

The Parish Council thanks Bovis Homes for attending our meeting on Monday evening and explaining the steps they are taking for their site. More work needs to be done.

In light of the current situation, Parish Councillors voted to take further steps on enforcement and raising awareness as can be seen in the attached Press Release and survey report.

Hunts Grove Abandoned