MP Surgery Session – 16 Sept

MP Siobhan Baillie will be holding a drop in surgery for constituents on 16th September 2022. This will be at St. Nicholas Church, Hardwicke, GL2 4RP from 10am until 11:10am. Please pop along with anything you’d like to raise with Siobhan.

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Noticeboards and Defibrillators

A couple of the projects we have been working on this year are to add more Parish Council noticeboards around the village, repair the ones we have, plus add life-saving defibrillators as we currently have none publically available in the village. The first visible result is our new HGPC noticeboard that was installed today on… Continue reading Noticeboards and Defibrillators

Overflowing Bins – An Update

As many residents have reported to us, overflowing bins have been an issue over the last few weeks and we have reported it and investigated why this is an issue again. When we raised it with Crest Nicholson they did come out the next day and clear the bins for which we are grateful in… Continue reading Overflowing Bins – An Update

Meeting Quedgeley Town Council

We had the honour of meeting our colleagues from Quedgeley Town Council (QTC) on August 5th, 2022. Thanks to QTC Chair Steve Smith, Town Clerk Jacquie Webster, and HGPC Clerk Julie Shirley for making this meeting happen. As neighbours, we have many shared challenges and opportunities as you can imagine, so this first meeting enabled… Continue reading Meeting Quedgeley Town Council