Village development update

This update is to let you know the latest on the development of the infrastructure and amenities around Hunts Grove. If you prefer, there’s a video version of the update, though we couldn’t cram everything from this blog in: These are being delivered according to a masterplan agreed between Crest Nicholson as the master developer… Continue reading Village development update

Where have you parked tonight?

Where have you parked tonight? 🚗 🚙 🚒 🚨 🚔 🔥 Can emergency vehicles get through? Are you blocking a junction and visibility? Are you preventing wheelchair users, people pushing prams, and other pedestrians from being able to safely use pavements? Please think before you park. A fire engine was unable to reach a fire… Continue reading Where have you parked tonight?

Harrier Way Potholes

Fast becoming a tourist attraction in their own right, unfortunately, the potholes of Harrier Way will hopefully be no more as of this week. Following many reports these past weeks from residents, and cyclists disappearing, plus our own experiences of distressing noises from car suspensions, we have been on to Crest Nicholson to fix the… Continue reading Harrier Way Potholes

No Access To Haresfield through Hunts Grove

Our residents along the B4008 Bath Road are getting very frustrated with drivers lost trying to get to Haresfield! Signs around Crosskeys Roundabout are still sending drivers down the B4008 towards Haresfield Lane, even though the road is closed and you will never be able to get to Haresfield again via this route due to… Continue reading No Access To Haresfield through Hunts Grove

Protecting Hedgehogs

The Parish Council has been contacted by a resident concerned about the safety of Hedgehogs around the village and asking whether warning signs could be installed on the main roads. All the primary roads at Hunts Grove are currently privately owned and maintained by Crest Nicholson rather than being under County Council control. Usually, it… Continue reading Protecting Hedgehogs

Rainbows & Progress

This amazing picture of a double rainbow over Harrier Way by Katie Mitchell is the perfect opportunity to update you all on planned works to complete Harrier Way. The Parish Council has been looking at two specific topics on Harrier Way, (1) The currently closed junction with Lime Tree Avenue and residents’ damaged driveways adjacent… Continue reading Rainbows & Progress