Harrier Way Potholes

Fast becoming a tourist attraction in their own right, unfortunately, the potholes of Harrier Way will hopefully be no more as of this week.

Following many reports these past weeks from residents, and cyclists disappearing, plus our own experiences of distressing noises from car suspensions, we have been on to Crest Nicholson to fix the potholes.

We are reliably informed that Crest’s contractor will be repairing Harrier Way this week, hopefully Wednesday.

As many of you will know, the finishing works for Harrier Way were scheduled for spring this year and have now been delayed until the summer holidays. We are watching this carefully as we all want the temporary haul road removed, and landscaping restored, plus we have been working with the residents of Lime Tree Avenue to come to an agreement with Crest on the opening of the junction to Harrier Way and works to fix paths and driveways.

The work will take approx. 12 weeks. The delays have been due to shortages in the building industry and the fact that contracts needed to be renegotiated due to cost increases.

There are also other factors such as disruption to the school and the Parish Council is concerned that residents currently have no alternative route whilst the work is underway. Doing the work during the school holidays will reduce the impact on the school, plus it may be possible that an alternative route will be open by that point, i.e. Hunts Grove Drive over the new bridge at Phase 1.

Crest Nicholson has agreed to keep us informed of the programme of works, so we will share more when we can on the detail.