Where have you parked tonight?

Nuisance Parking

Where have you parked tonight? 🚗 🚙 🚒 🚨 🚔 🔥

Can emergency vehicles get through?


Are you blocking a junction and visibility? Are you preventing wheelchair users, people pushing prams, and other pedestrians from being able to safely use pavements? Please think before you park.

A fire engine was unable to reach a fire this week due to parked vehicles blocking streets at Hunts Grove. The Council often receives calls and emails from residents complaining about selfish parking around junctions, blocked streets meaning refuse collections cannot be completed and overflow parking by workers from Waterwells Business Park.

Please think of others when parking. Do not park around road junctions or where your parking may be dangerous for pedestrians and other users.

We have provided additional guidance for residents on our website at this link. https://www.huntsgrove-pc.gov.uk/nuisance-parking.php