Farmhouse Triangle

The "Farmhouse Triangle" area of Hunts Grove is located just south of Harrier Way before the junction with the old Haresfield Lane. As the name suggests, the site is the former farm, including the farmhouse.

The site is part of the Hunts Grove masterplan area, however, is separate from the Crest Nicholson development due to the fact the original landowner (Colethrop Farm Limited) retained this area for their own development.

The original approved plans were for 128 homes. A second application was submitted to amend these plans by adding 76 further homes, retaining and restoring the farmhouse, providing two shops, and splitting the allotments between the original site and an additional site across the motorway.

The second application was rejected by Stroud District Council in January 2023. We are waiting to hear whether an appeal will be lodged.

Farmhouse Triangle Extension 76 Homes S.22/0460/FUL

This was the second Farmhouse Triangle planning application from 2022. This was rejected.

Some of the key planning documents are copied below for reference. All the documentation can be viewed on Stroud District Council's planning portal by clicking here.

HGPC Consultation Response 13 June 2022

Development Website

The developer has created a website that details all aspects of the planning application. Click here to be taken to

Key Planning Documents

Farmhouse Triangle 128 Homes S.20/0087/FUL

This was the first Farmhouse Triangle planning application from 2020. This is now approved.

Some of the key planning documents are copied below for reference. View all plans and documents at the planning portal by clicking here. (This application is approved, therefore consultation is closed).

Materials from 2019 Consultation with Parish Council


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