Youth Strategy

The Parish Council adopted a youth strategy with the aims of:

  • Ensuring there are opportunities for personal and educational development
  • Involving young people in the life of the village
  • Helping young people make good choices that lead to successful and happy futures
  • Hunts Grove being a fun and rewarding place for young people to live
  • Supporting all young people regardless of religion, ethnicity, sexuality, background, gender/sex or any other characteristic.

The strategy recognises that the best outcomes can be delivered by valuing and supporting the work of a range of organisations as well as the Parish Council offering services and activities that would not otherwise be available. This approach will also ensure value for money for council tax payers. The strategy therefore comprises four pillars:

  1. PROVIDE - Delivering activities and services where these cannot or should not be provided by others
  2. INVOLVE - Involving young people in decisions affecting them and creating opportunities for young people to get involved in the work of the council and in the community.
  3. PROMOTE - Increasing awareness of existing offerings from providers including charities, sports clubs, specialist providers, public authorities and others.
  4. SUPPORT - Supporting providers of activities seeking to start or expand offerings in and around Hunts Grove.

Click here to read the strategy.

The Parish Council is tendering for a partner to help deliver the strategy.

Youth Tender Specification

Youth Tender Application Form

Youth Provision Service Level Agreement

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