What the Parish Council does

This page gives an outline of the Parish Council's work. The best way to stay up to date is to follow the Hunts Grove Parish Council Facebook page where we post information and links to our blog posts and video updates. There are also noticeboards outside the school, by the lower entrance to Acorn Park and at the Lime Tree Avenue play area.

Village development

It’s really important that Hunts Grove gets the facilities it needs to have a high quality of life and a strong community. That includes a suitable community centre and sports facilities, shops and other services, open spaces and play areas.  

The Parish Council engages with Crest Nicholson (the master developer) and others to influence the planning and design, and to keep an eye on delivery. We are a  consultee on planning applications for the village and provide input so Stroud District Council can make decisions in the best interests of residents. Where there is a problem, we work with others to fix it with one example being the changes to be made to the Harrier Way/Marconi Drive junction so it is suitable for buses. 

Our latest update on the development of the village is here


Helping establish a strong community is really important so the Parish Council: 

  • Runs community events. Building on the success of the Platinum Jubilee music festival “Hunts Groove”, 2023 will see us hold a community fun day and an event to celebrate the Coronation of King Charles
  • Organises regularly litter picking by the Hunts Grove Wombles (look out for posts on the council Facebook page or join the Hunts Grove Wombles Facebook group)
  • Will be running a project to name our open spaces 
  • Looks to encourage and build awareness of community groups (new and established) in or near to Hunts Grove 
  • Has established a Business Plan delivery team comprising councillors and residents to prepare the council for expected growth over the next 5 years 
  • Is building a business directory so we can all support local Hunts Grove businesses 
  • Ran a Santa’s Grotto for the school Christmas Fayre. 

Campaign to abolish the Management Company 

The open spaces on Phases 2 to 4 of the village, as well as the community and sports facilities when built, are owned and maintained by a management company funded by yearly payments by residents. This is different from Phase 1 where the open spaces will be adopted by Stroud District Council. This arrangement causes a number of challenges around fairness and local control as well as costing residents in Phases 2 to 4 more money. The Parish Council wants to abolish the management company and adopt the facilities and open spaces as part of our “One Hunts Grove” strategy. For more details of the campaign and our process, see our January 2023 Manco update

Services and amenities 

The Parish Council can also deliver additional community facilities and services, for example: 

  • We secured funding for the purchase and installation of defibrillators which you’ll see soon outside the school and at the entrance to the village
  • We have secured funding from the National Lottery Community Fund to replace the noticeboards around the village that are in a very poor state 
  • We have started exploring options for youth participation and activities.

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