Campaign and Petition: Abolish Annual Service Charges and Hunts Grove Management Company

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Village maintenance has been neglected by Crest Nicholson over 2020 and 2021 to such an extent that residents have had enough. At the same time, for the last three years, the majority of residents have been forced to pay hundreds of pounds in Service Charges to a management company that is providing absolutely no services on site.

This is untenable and Hunts Grove Parish Council wants to fix it!  Residents are very proud of Hunts Grove and want to see local control by people that actually care and live here. At every community surrounding Hunts Grove, the Parish Council provides all the traditional services of grounds maintenance, play areas, sports halls in their areas as part of the council tax.

Let's remove this double taxation and abolish the service charges. We'll build a Parish Council budget to take over the maintenance and deliver high-quality, locally controlled services with a substantial saving over the current arrangements.

Take Action Now!

  1. The Parish Council has started a petition on the website. If you are a resident at Hunts Grove, please head over to the petition now to add your support. If you have time, please also leave your thoughts on the current maintenance and service charges, etc in the comments;
  2. If you have the time, please read our progress and updates on this page. It is quite a complex matter and it will have implications financially and legally;
  3. If you are concerned, have questions, or are against the campaign, we want to hear from you too. Please send in any questions or comments via our Contact Us page;

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