Public Open Space Update

We’ve received an update from Crest Nicholson on the summary of works to end of 2022 for the main public open space.  This is the large open space that wraps around from Red Kite Rise to the area rear of Bellway homes (Knotgrass Way etc).

For a visual please visit this page:

Area adjacent to Red Kite Rise:

  • Installation of play equipment – July for approximately 4-6 weeks
  • Installation of safety surfacing – circa 2 weeks mid to late August
  • Installation of bowtop fencing for the southernmost play area at same time as safety surfacing
  • Completion of access paths once all above completed – circa 2 weeks of work.

Pocket Park – top of slope open area extending to rear of David Wilson Homes:

  • Installation of pocket park play equipment – works underway for 4 weeks as part of main work
  • Installation of safety surfacing as above programme
  • Completion of incidental play features and picnic areas
  • Surfacing of access paths once above work completed.

Area to the rear of Bellway:

Section 1 (triangular area extending from the M5 overbridge in the south, the Shorn Brook to the north, and existing hedgerow to the west):

  • Installation of pocket park play equipment – August, following on from main play area
  • Installation of bowtop fencing – August
  • Surfacing of access paths once above works completed – September.

Section 2 (between existing hedge to the east and the proposed allotments to the west)

  • Spraying off weeds – completed
  • Spread and levelling of soil – end July to end of August
  • Grass seeding – September
  • Formation of paths and play area bases – September 4-6 weeks
  • Installation of play equipment – October
  • Surfacing play areas – October
  • Formation and surfacing of footpaths – October/ November
  • Soft landscape planting – November/December.